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The event is tonight! Rain or Shine, we will have a great time! Plenty of free street parking! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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For the community, by the community. Join us and get to know local artists, musicians, and your own neighbors.

We're taking crowdfunding to a whole new level, we'll be live crowdfunding Everybody Dance Now Chicago!


What's FunderHut? FunderHut is the new community crowdfunding platform, allowing users to discuss, develop, and fund projects, talk about ideas, help others in times of need, and support future businesses through crowdfunding.

What's this event all about? Community. And what better community than Chicago? We'll be featuring local artists, musicians, businesses, restaurants, cafes, and more… Society Gallery has been nice enough to sponsor the event for us and will be providing us with a beautiful space, so come join us for a fun evening celebrating all the cool stuff the Windy City has to offer! We're your crowdfunding platform Chicago!


Who will be playing?

Blah Blah Blah

In a time when most artists spend the bulk of their energy trying to brainstorm over clever band names and contrived marketing schemes, it’s refreshing to see a group that picks honesty over hyperbole. With that very notion in mind, the members in Chicago’s beloved Blah Blah Blah, decided long ago that the music is what matters the most. And who can blame them? With an unassuming name like that, you better make damn sure that your music is way better than just good enough.

Comprised of two friends from Iowa and two Chicago musicians, the midwest quartet really found their footing in 2010 after being voted one of the Chicago Tribune’s next bands on the verge of breaking BIG! While pioneering the genre of ballroom rock, the band has continually won fans over with their emotionally-driven yet upbeat songs that playfully strike a balance between the alternative and organic. With a revitalized sense of vibrance and a newly recorded EP on the horizon this fall, it’s not hard to see why the band is so optimistic about the next chapter of its career.

After touring nationally during the fall-winter, Blah Blah Blah headed to Los Angeles again in February during Grammy weekend for Pre-Grammy events hosted by Garth Trinidad (KCRW).   The band is currently recording it’s debut album.  Come see what everyone's been talking about!

Elev8tor: Elev8tor is combination of electronic music programming, live drums inspired by the funky drum breaks of the 60's and 70's, and the dreaminess of downtempo with a dance club delivery. Started initially as a live performance vehicle for keyboardist Kevin Ford's collection of original downtempo tracks, Elev8tor has grown in its members, styles, and influences. After a history of numerous (separate and collective) studio collaborations between Sam Sharp (drummer), Olin Langley (bass), Bryan Ford (guitar), and Kevin Ford, singer Darcy Markham joined the formula and the band began pursuing an energized club sound. Collective roots in the underground loft party culture in Chicago and a series of club performances gave the group its current 'peak hour' ambitions. The eccentricities of downtempo electronica form an organic, dark underbed to the old school funky, dirty dance club vibes topped with Darcy's soul sensibility and classic delivery.

Olivia Reyes: Olivia Reyes, a native of Skokie, Illinois, is an 18 year old in her senior year of high school. Ever since she was little, she enjoyed singing and writing her own songs. Her music revolves around pop, r&b and rock. She uses her music to escape into a different world. Currently she is working with a music production company in downtown, Chicago. Not only does she sing, but she acts and models for Lily's Talent Agency. For college, she plans on attending Columbia College Chicago in the fall to study vocal performance and music business.'


This Evening's Featured Artists (will be regularly updated):

Allen Vandever: "I feel an artist's body of work is his unwritten biography, archiving his progress in both craftsmanship and self-discovery, all the while capturing the most personal and essential moments in his life, and revealing his personal reflections."

"I am free to explore my dreams, very often so intensely alive that they continue to exist in my sight in the material world. I have yet to find the words capable of illustrating such glorious visions, so I paint them that I may relive them, and that I might apply a pinprick into the veil between our worlds allowing a speck of light to illuminate its existence to others."

Allen Vandever will be performing the Art of Fencing. This is will be live painting through fencing. 

Angie Redmond is a figurative and portrait artist from Chicago, IL. Her portfolio consists of oil paintings, drawings, and video pieces. Her work focuses on personal experiences and feelings that may be shared with the viewer. She uses her personal narrative to honor her race and celebrate all of the human spirit.

Angie is currently working on her series entitled, "Hey Girl! You’re One of God’s Best Creations." This series is strictly about celebrating all black women from young to old. Throughout the series, Angie will touch on different features found in black women,such as seductiveness, passion, and courageousness. The series will also feature oil paintings that honor famous historic black women, such as the Hottentot Venus and Harriet Tubman.

Angie will be painting live (between 18 x 24in and 24 x 24in).  The painting will fit the theme of the artwork she will be selling. 

Lydia Larson was born in Pompton Plains, New Jersey in 1987. Growing up as an American nomad, artmaking was a means of documenting the constant changes of her surroundings. Her love for painting soon became a need and grew into a language of its own. In May of 2009 she received her BFA from Montclair State University where she studied under Julie Heffernan, Alyssa Monks, and Peter Barnet. She received the Excellence in Painting Award of the 2009 graduating class.

Soon after, in pursuit of her MFA, she received a scholarship to attend Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During this time she also studied at Studio Art Centers Internationalin Florence, Italy. This experience inspired future international travel and art making endeavors. After graduation, she was awarded a Guest Studio Residency in Amsterdam and the following summer, in Toffia, Italy.

Lydia has exhibited across the United States and internationally. She is currently represented by Ann Nathan Gallery in Chicago.

Jazmin Giron is a short, twenty-three year old girl with long crazy curly hair and fiery creative ambition. She was born and raised in Chicago's Kelvyn Park neighborhood, as a first generation American, with a Peruvian mother and Guatemalan father. As the youngest of five kids, Jazmin began drawing to get away from the poor world she grew to know. Somehow she survived the Chicago Public School system as an honor student and manage to go to college by her own means. 
At eleven years old, at the request of her art teacher, Jazmin Giron’s parents enrolled her in weekend classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. In middle school, she made her first mural and traveled abroad as an exchange student to France. At age eighteen, Jazmin Giron’s work has garnered her the "Best of Show" at 2005 Triton College Art Competition and earned her two scholarships; the Myrtle Dean Fine Arts Scholarship and Columbia College Chicago Presidential Scholarship for Illustration. In January 2010, Jazmin won First Place in The National Arts Program for her watercolor painting.
Jazmin Giron graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in Illustration in 2009. Since 2005 Jazmin Giron has participated in numerous exhibits, galleries and contests. She has also done several art jobs mainly consisting of concept art, portraits, editorial illustration and mural work. She is the people's artist. No job is too big or small for her.

Brenton Holliday: Neo - expressionist artist


The echo of biblical chants mingles my mind with the rouge counterparts of world histories that have me befuddled. As a little boy, I got sick, a veil of high fever draped me, left me with deafness. Therefore, as mankind go about as Devil's puppets, people get lost within ourselves and themselves, with unlawful characters of demonic ways of wickedness and world's distress. The woes brought on by Satan the Devil, knowing his time is short. My mother gave me a brush, and some paints to use.

Today, I have mastered, and masqueraded the colors in free kindred spirits in world’s distress and many sporadic joys. I can put great details of my visions and dreams along with the strokes of my brush. The weight of my passion is a brush with psychotic and energetic force applied to the canvas, I’d paint about those fates.


Justin Benzel: My name is Justin Benzel, and I'm a 27 year old artist & writer living and working in Chicago. I create narrative photo-illustrations on the subject of science-fiction; my work deals with themes such as rapid technological change, predatory big business, discrimination, and trans-humanism. My current series, "The 5th Dimension" explores the possible implications of an alternate history of Chicago in the 40's and 50's had aliens landed. I am deeply influenced and inspired by classic science-fiction and detective stories, both in film and literature, and I strive to bring the aesthetic from that golden age into the contemporary field of photographic manipulation.


Janet Hamilton: I am an abstract painter who works in oil and acrylic media.  I’ve been painting for 18 years while living in Chicago.  My artwork is a combination of vibrant colors, heavy textures and organic shapes.  I simply try to create paintings that inspire emotions and create a mood.  I love how a good color palette can make you feel and the element of surprise a texture can give. To me, art is an assortment of my personal feelings, the subject or colors that inspire me and my materials and techniques. My work can also be seen at

Jaime Reda is a Chicago based portrait artist, illustrator and aspiring entrepreneur.  Many of her pieces express the struggle to balance her internal world with her external world and deal with opposing themes such as childhood vs adulthood, reality vs fantasy and man vs nature.  You can see more of these themes on her website

David Huff is a contemporary American (Chicago/Atlanta) artist, whose work focuses mainly on large-scale abstract oil painting. His work has been published in New American Paintings (Vol. 70), Studio Visit (Vol. 16), and he was an Emerging Artists nominee for the Forward Arts Foundation in Atlanta, GA in 2008. More of his work can be seen at


Jennifer Bachelder was born and raised in Mt. Gilead, Ohio. Although life was exactly what you’d expect in a town of only 3,000, sharing a house with four siblings prepared her for the next chapter in the big city. After graduating from Marietta College with her BFA in graphic design in 2009, she was off to Chicago to live with her bichon and 2,706,999 neighbors.

Homesick and a bit lonely, Jen started collaging one-of-a-kind postcards for her Ohio friends using nothing but her every day garbage. The postcards were interesting; lumpy and reeking of glue, but the real fun happened after she handed them over to the U.S. Postal Service. She had no control over what the postcard looked like when it arrived at its final destination. Jen’s always felt connected to artists who embrace Dadaism, chance, and spontaneity in their work. Trusting the USPS with art is one of the biggest chances a modern-day artist can take.

Over the last four years, the trash project has snowballed into something much bigger than Jen could have imagined. Jen has created more than 80 original postcards, 30 large studio pieces, and three annual calendars. Each piece features a peek into a surreal environment where creatures of all kinds embrace the materials the rest of us toss into the landfill.

Featured Non-Profits:

FunderHut will be featuring Everybody Dance Now for their a preview of live crowdfunding. We will be keeping a live fundraiser with updates up so everyone can see our progress. Make sure to be on the look out for someone on the EDN or FunderHut team for more info!

Everybody Dance NowEverybody Dance Now! Chicago (EDN!C) is an entirely youth run non profit organization that provides free weekly dance classes to underserved youth across the city. Those dance classes are partnered with nutrition education, service learning, and cultural programming, and more. The hard working students that provide the programming strive to use dance as a vehicle for change for the students who need it most in our city.

The Chicago Summer of Solutions is a project of LETS GO Chicago (LGC), a youth-led green economy leadership development organization based in Rogers Park. Using entrepreneurship, community organizing, and peer-to-peer education, LGC takes sustainability to the next level creating on the ground solutions that address poverty, youth unemployment, and environmental concerns all together. For more information, visit their Funder Hut campaign site and watch their new video about the Summer of Solutions or visit

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